Our vision is SMESH (Spiritual, Moral, Emotional, Social, and Historical).

Our vision looks at journeying with humanity, from Nativity till Eternity via Spiritual, Moral, Emotional, Social, and Historical (SMESH) phases. Smesh, according to the urban dictionary, is a word used for a fresh fragrance or for something new. This makes it easy to understand our mission and vision as to serve TEA from SMESH.


This mission and vision were inspired by the hope to be able to attend to the SMESH phases of a people, from cradle to eternity.

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Miss Chidimma Bibian, you are highly welcome to the Tecsthought Community!
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The trending Experiences of the tecsthought media have been beautifully updated. Thanks be to God 🙏

Trending Experiences of Tecsthought Media have been beautifully updated

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